Plan to Accommodate Khumbulani High School After Fire As
the DA Ward Councillor for North End, I was deeply shocked to read of
the fire that gutted this lovely school last Sunday.

I have been involved with Khumbulani in various ways over the years
including a generous donation from the management of Pier 14, of
computers in 2008.

I also brought to the attention of Mount Road Police Station hierarchy
that the local District Manager, PE Education District, had relocated
the security guards to schools in the Northern Areas resulting in no
security at the school. The SAPS promised to increase surveillance of
the area which was obviously inadequate.

I visited the school on Monday morning and commiserated with Mr. Albert
Tshanga, the school principal, a delightful man obviously very
distraught and emotionally disturbed by this disaster. We discussed
possible alternative plans to house the pupils. I then went to the
Mount Road library where to my surprise and delight I found about
thirty matric students who had on their own initiative gone to the
library to study, this is just one illustration of how conscientious
these young pupils are. Their pass rate in 2006 was 91% down to 75% in
2007. One must bear in mind that the number of pupils at present is 873
(60 in a class).

This school deserves the best and as a result I contacted Edmund van
Vuuren, DA MPL on Tuesday, 3 August and together we visited the burnt
school and spoke to the principal. I was convinced that the Teachers
Training College (Dagbreek College previously) in Richmond Hill would
be ideal to accommodate the pupils until such time as the Khumbulani
School could be rebuilt. Edmund van Vuuren, himself a retired school
principal, and I then proceeded to the Teachers Training College where
we spoke to the Director about the possibility of the College
accommodating the pupils. I must record my thanks to Edmund van Vuuren,
MPL and the DA Education Representative and furthermore the department
of education for their help in creating a plan to address the situation.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Davis

Contact: Khumbulani High School.

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